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How mobile apps help hospitals in branding?

Branding is a vital element that is quintessential for sustaining businesses.Companies which dedicate time for branding their products and services flourish faster than those which do not make use of this tactic in marketing. Commercial activities can be given a boost if all marketing channels are given branding attributes. Product recognition by the target audience is the task at hand for many budding companies. Large scale companies spend millions of dollars to sustain their product sales. Most of such companies understand the fact that it is essential to be seen so that the rate of sales reaches a bottom...

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Planning the deployment of mobile apps

Mobile app industry is a highly competitive one as it opens up a mammoth creative space for developers to work on.In the past few years we have seen apps proving analysts wrong by reaching astounding download figures with little back up from external sources.This trend has lead to the arrival of overnight millionaires who find their fortune either by deploying in-app ads or by selling the rights to big companies which consider the user-base of the app lucrative.The impact that mobile apps are having on daily life cannot be ignored. In fact on several occasions, apps have found to be a great tool for handling...

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Understanding mobility benefits

Migration to mobility can be a puzzling task for companies.The current technological trends across the globe however shows a different angle of mobility.People have started to grow fond of the advantages offered by mobility.With smartphones becoming a key part of life, information transfers have become specific and concise.This has lead to the rise in popularity of mobile apps. The current generation admires the idea of mobility as issues are resolved within seconds thanks to smartphones. Integration of mobility is a next major milestone for companies looking for a technological breakthrough that will ease their processes and enhance efficiency.A large number of benefits accompany...

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Mobile apps and modern day marketing

Service delivery has vastly improved since the advent of mobile apps. It has become increasingly simplified to deliver unique services to the right audience. Present day marketers are working out a full-fledged marketing plan which covers all major attributes necessary for the consumer. Thousands of marketers have benefitted with better consumer outreach, thanks to mobile applications. Several retailers like Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer have reached out to their audience by leveraging mobile apps across different platforms. PC sales have comparatively reduced and sales of smartphones and tablets have increased marginally. Consumer industry especially has taken note of this...

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Mobile apps and Mobile websites : A comparison

Having strong mobile presence has become a priority task for businesses across the globe. Most of these businesses understand the fact that inorder to make sales, they must be visible and accessible in the mobile world.According to various research reports, people are now banking on mobile web and apps for data aggregation.It has become a ritual to look up about a company using apps or web before making purchases.In such a scenario, mobile branding becomes even more relevant. When it comes to mobile branding, companies mainly have 2 choices.One is to go for a mobile version of their website.The other...

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