Mobile app industry is a highly competitive one as it opens up a mammoth creative space for developers to work on.In the past few years we have seen apps proving analysts wrong by reaching astounding download figures with little back up from external sources.This trend has lead to the arrival of overnight millionaires who find their fortune either by deploying in-app ads or by selling the rights to big companies which consider the user-base of the app lucrative.The impact that mobile apps are having on daily life cannot be ignored. In fact on several occasions, apps have found to be a great tool for handling emergency situations.There are a million sites from where you can dig up information, but a personalized app with useful data integrated is definitely a breath of fresh air for mobile users.

mobiCare, a healthcare management app developed by Mobatia is one such application that provides high utility. This healthcare app is pre-loaded with a bundle of  features that eases the delivery of services for the hospital and at the same time enhances healthcare experience for the customer.Moreover resource management process is simplified for the hospital thereby promoting better relationships between the healthcare provider and the patient.

Deployment is a key ingredient which has been given utmost importance in mobiCare.The app can be installed and made to function in accordance with the HIS within 3 days of deployment.Ample support services accompany this app.Downtime is minimal and resource allocation is well organized. The app offers a multitude of features, all of which are easily accessible through the well organized interface.All important features are accommodated with in 2-3 swipes, making the navigation smooth and efficient.