Mobile apps hold the potential to revolutionize healthcare industry in developing countries.The ready availability of mobile phones gives them an advantage over desktop devices.Accessibility is a key feature that can be put to full use with mobile devices.

Developing countries have shown a positive improvement in mobile phone usage.Around 64% of the total share of mobile phones are from the developing world.Healthcare industry can utilize the reach of mobile phones to implement better delivery of healthcare.With the assistance of modern technology, the existing information systems in hospitals can be upgraded so that patients will be able to have a mobile contact point using which they can connect with their doctors.In developing countries, the lack of infrastructure has led to a situation where hospitals are unable to provide enough facilities to accommodate patients.By implementing mobile applications for patient management, hospitals will be able to solve several infrastructure related issues to a certain extent.

Healthcare experts certify the fact that mobile technology has allowed healthcare professionals to collect humongous amounts of information regarding the state of public health in developing countries.Previously data aggregation used a pattern where several regional bodies did the paperwork and forwarded it to national health organizations.With the advent of mobile devices, health organizations got an option to implement better schemes by taking into consideration additional data that have been previously lapsed due to lack of availability of resources.

Fixed line infrastructure has its limitations.The cost of implementation and up gradation is heavy and time-consuming.Deployment of SMS text alerts with prescription information to help patients, education schemes for increasing health awareness, training of professionals can be done with the help of mobile technology.

Another application of mobile apps in healthcare is for running surveys, collect data for preparing immunization programs. Such surveys are vital for early identification of viral diseases which may be affecting a particular locality.By bringing mobile devices into the equation, local people can submit information to data collectors without having to go through a lengthy procedure of paper works.Apps connected to a database can fragment these data and use the interface to present it before the concerned people
handling the survey.