Service delivery has vastly improved since the advent of mobile apps. It has become increasingly simplified to deliver unique services to the right audience. Present day marketers are working out a full-fledged marketing plan which covers all major attributes necessary for the consumer. Thousands of marketers have benefitted with better consumer outreach, thanks to mobile applications.

Several retailers like Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer have reached out to their audience by leveraging mobile apps across different platforms. PC sales have comparatively reduced and sales of smartphones and tablets have increased marginally. Consumer industry especially has taken note of this phenomenon and device marketing tactics accordingly.

According to a report from Harvard Business Review, modern day smartphone users spend around 82% of their mobile minutes for using apps. The remaining 18% is used for accessing the web through the smartphone. Retail leaders like Flipkart and Amazon are therefore carefully planning the establishment to mobile presence. New sales channels are being procured through apps which are giving them good profit margins.

Such a virtual marketing space can also come across as a vital tool for information gathering. It is possible for modern day marketers to reach out to customers based on geo-targeting and push notifications at the right time. Decision-making process is enhanced and customer satisfaction is boosted due to the positive intervention offered by mobile apps.

Companies are now exploring a new level of consumer understanding and are experiencing better reach through clear definitions of the target audience, demography etc. Demography is particular is of vital importance as it helps companies to identify the age range and territory where this app would be a success.

User experience is another top priority element for app developers and marketers. With right understanding of the consumer, this comes across as an easy task. Choosing the right platform is quite essential while due importance must also be given to the right technologies. Right UX can help the marketing team to market the app properly.

When it comes to the presentation there are several options. Drop down lists, AR view and several other options are available for designers. The better the design elements, the easier it will be for the marketing team to present the app to customers.