Having strong mobile presence has become a priority task for businesses across the globe.
Most of these businesses understand the fact that inorder to make sales, they must be
visible and accessible in the mobile world.According to various research reports, people are
now banking on mobile web and apps for data aggregation.It has become a ritual to look up about
a company using apps or web before making purchases.In such a scenario, mobile branding becomes even more relevant.

When it comes to mobile branding, companies mainly have 2 choices.One is to go for a mobile
version of their website.The other option is to go for a dedicated app that has all the functionalities
and features of a website.More features can be added to enhance the utility of an app.

Mobile websites are miniature versions of desktop websites optimized for viewing in smartphones
and tablets.Such websites have touch-screen capabilities and are usually chosen when
websites need to be marketed on mobile devices.Mobile apps on the other hand follow a different
set of rules.Apps are developed using a framework and marketed using app stores.The user
needs to install the app from app stores to explore its functionalities.Mobile apps can offer several
features which mobile websites cannot offer.That is its primary advantage.

Another major advantage which mobile apps have over websites is its ability to collect
immediate responses from the user.Interactions happen swiftly and there is better
client relations when mobile apps are in the equation.Companies can enhance their apps to
enhance customer engagement and offer On-the-go functionality with ease.Commercial aspects
are also covered well in mobile apps.Through secure payment gateways, in-app purchases
can be executed, giving convenience to the user and monetization opportunities for the

While some businesses rely on mobile websites to bring in traffic, there are several others
which deploy mobile apps for increasing visibility.A viable solution will be to deploy both
apps as well as mobile websites to maximize the capabilities of mobile oriented marketing.