Our world is evolving day by day and the current buzz word is mobility. All business are scrambling and researching innovative ways to reach out to their customers and stake holders to keep connected and enhance the business prospects by provide facilities and services as and when it is needed at their fingertips. In this context, mobile app is a wonderful tool and rather a convenience in almost all cases. It is predicted by most of the research studies that the online usage of mobile phones will surpass desktop usage in the immediate future. Already it is a well-known fact that every adult uses a smart phone and spends considerable amount of time flipping and browsing on it. So mobile phones and apps is yet another area which cannot be neglected by any business. Businesses need to be sensible and align themselves to the evolving trends and stay ahead of the curve to get the early bird benefits.

We at MOBATIA had been developing mobility solutions for healthcare since 2010 and we consolidated our knowledge and intelligence in this area and envisioned a product named mobiCare, which is a patient engagement solution using the smart phone capabilities. The contemporary smart phones are such powerful devices, that better and optimal use of it will make our life a lot easier and enjoyable. Mohammed Ibrahim, one of the regular visitors to our client hospital says, “Now I can schedule an appointment with my preferred doctor from my smart phone and get same confirmed back to me. Also I am automatically reminded about the upcoming appointment well in advance…”

The latest version of mobiCare makes use of the modern technology offered by the smart phones. Emergency dialing, medication reminders, GPS navigation, Track fitness activity, Track and Monitor your health features etc.in mobiCare are good examples.