One of the most vibrant developments that are currently being witnessed in the
business world is the integration of mobility in its day to day processes.During
the initial days of the mobile revolution, the deployment of apps to enhance
business activities were done by corporations and multinational business houses alone.By bringing mobile into the equation, big players in various industries managed to marginally improve the efficiency of their business setup.Quite soon the trend was picked up by the medium scale and small scale businesses who improvised the pattern set forth by large scale businesses and started deploying apps that not only enhanced their efficiency but also helped them to procure new markets, clients and partners, leading to exponential growth in their respective fields.Here we will discuss some of the factors that drive businesses to strengthen its presence in the mobile arena.

A great Promotional tool

Recent studies on Web search and Mobility shows the migration of search queries from desktop devices to mobile screens.Current trends indicate that more and more people now prefer to aggregate data on their mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops.While this may be because of the agile nature of portability which only mobile devices can offer, this shift has clearly impacted the way businesses devise their promotional strategies.While a website still continues to be the most authoritative representation of a company’s image on the web, a full fledged app is not far behind in terms of impact.

Apps have particularly proven to impart a phenomenally positive impact on commercial aspects
of businesses.Comparing to traditional forms of advertising like print and visual media, Mobile applications give extra mileage for products and services by tapping into the less explored territory of mobile marketing.The cost for marketing in mobile devices is comparatively lower yet the results are astounding.The retail industry, for example, has successfully assembled mobile apps for products launches, publishing offers, announcing features and for sales.Handling of payments is convenient with mobile apps and this has certainly prompted many sales driven industries to establish its presence in mobile.

Mobile apps for Businesses

Revenue Generation 

Small scale businesses used to hold back on mobile app deployment because there was a pertaining fear that cost of app development might exceed their budget.But this misconception was proven wrong by several thought leaders in the mobile industry who showed by example that by avoiding unnecessary features and by proper planning, the costs can be reduced marginally. Moreover, a fully functional app offers a multitude of opportunities for monetization.

In-app advertising has been empowering thousands of app makers who create innovative products and release it for free.

Extending Reach

Mobile apps are traversing on a positive graph as far as reach and engagement
are concerned.Especially the younger audience who are hooked to mobile devices hold
the power to augment viral marketing efforts.A fair gesture of promoting useful apps and
discarding inefficient ones is prevalent in this ever growing demography of young mobile users.
Decision making has become far more efficient with better access to information and this has
led to a boost in quality of products catering to this section.Companies have come to realize that good product
will be appreciated by the audience who will not refrain from helping them to extend their reach for benefiting more users.

The word ‘Communication’ has now become synonymous with ‘Mobile’.Those who choose to be part of this major technological revolution will undoubtedly reap the benefits of mobile-driven business augmentation.