Promotion of mobile apps is still a puzzle for many developers.The fact is that no matter how much utility app providers if it does not get the required visibility, no one is going to know good it is.Therefore it becomes a pre-requisite to planning in advance the marketing strategies that one is going to implement once the development of the app is complete.Here we take a look at some of the methods used by mobile app promoters to get the word out and get the download count moving.

Utility as U.S.P

For any product to cut through the competition it is essential to have a value added feature that is lacking in the niche.When the thought behind the app is to help people solve a problem, marketing becomes easy.The marketers can rely on the utility value to do the gigantic task of winning audience’s attention.

Making it available

The app once ready for deployment should be made available in all leading app stores.It will be a big bonus if reviews can be procured from top app review sites.That will help generate the initial buzz that is required to circulate the app.Ratings are also vital to get the app ranking high in app search results.Facebook is planning to launch an app search engine which sorts out apps for iOS and Android based on a range of parameters.Such a search engine will ensure that value added apps get the required visibility.

Social Media

Depending upon the demography targeted, marketers can choose an apt social media site to promote the app.For targeting a younger audience, Facebook will be more effective while for reaching out to a professional audience LinkedIn will be a wiser choice.Google+ promotions will give the app an edge in Google search.Paid advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords have helped several companies to launch the app precisely to the target audience.

Content Marketing

A natural way to increase the visibility of the app is to have a strong presence in search results.Web search is undoubtedly a great tool for promotion.As major search engines of the present times give immense value to content, it becomes essential to generate great content on a consistent basis.Visibility in search engines is good for overall branding of the mobile application.

QR Code marketing

This technique is particularly new.Nevertheless, many people are using it with great success.Getting QR code printed on offline media sometimes helps to win new customers.Getting QR code printed on products is also an offline way to increase the download.Coupling it with a call to action can sometimes work wonders.

Video marketing

A tutorial video showing the app in action can give a lot of mileage to the app.Visual media is an efficient tool that can give an instant impact for the marketing efforts.People prefer a 2-minute video explaining the main features of the app over 600-word long product descriptions. Youtube has helped many businesses to expand their reach by introducing new audiences to their products.

There are several other techniques which can be implemented for promoting products.If a company has several products in its line up, In-app advertising can be used to promote an app that requires a push.Print media can also be effective to a certain extent to popularize the app.